ASK ISAAC: What’s One of Your Favorite Places in New York City?

courtesy of Elephant and Castle

The New Yorker asked Isaac about one reason he loves the city he calls home.  What is one of his favorite local spots?

“ ‘My Table in the Back of Elephant & Castle.  I have a kind of romantic association with that table. I went in college, and later it was where I first courted my husband, Arnold. Also, they’re like the last people on Earth to serve ice-cold butter, which, to me, is the way it’s done.’ —Isaac Mizrahi, designer”

-The New Yorker  

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  1. Judi Ryan

    I love listening to you banter with the hosts on QVC! About a month ago (?) you remarked about possibly giving your sketches to viewers. Is that possible? I would be thrilled to have one!
    By the way, I own 8 pairs of your 24/7 stretch pants. Love! The only pants I have every been able to put right on and go. (I’m very short and the tailor knows my first name!) Thank you.

  2. Cheryl

    I enjoy watching you on QVC, you are so fun and smart. Also, you look like my father when he was 40 years old. He was born in 1918, his parents were immigrants from Russia. I read a little bit from a Daily Mail story on your life and you are just amazing, darling. I would love a response from you. Thank you.

  3. Kathy Stenman

    Hi Isaac! Self confessed super fan girl!! If it’s wrong I don’t want to be right 😂😉. Just got your book, live it so far and I love that your a housewives fan? My question is: Do you think, based on the recent episodes of Beverly Hills that Rinna is a bit of a shit stirrer? Also your opinion of Erika? Understand if you can’t answer 😂

  4. Roy Thompson

    I’m not sure if this is where I am or post a question for “Ask Isaac”, but here is my question:
    What do you collect?

    I imagine you collect something or perhaps collect in multiple categories. Thank you! IM arrive yesterday. 🤓

  5. Jennifer Biddle

    I LOVE your designs & I love listening to your commentaries on QVC & Project Runway. Is there any way to meet you. I am from Indianapolis but would come to NY. Please!!

  6. Frank Schramm

    What is your favorite “new” skyscraper in Manhattan right now?
    And – your favorite restaurant? ( any cuisine)

  7. Carol

    I only see your dates for your tour in March. Do you have a full year schedule?

    We love you so much!


    Hi Isaac. I attended your show in Portland and loved it. My question is will you ever record the songs that you sing on tour? Many of the songs I knew but some I hadden’t heard before and would love to hear again. I loved your voice. So fresh and true.

  9. Donna G. Zelle

    Dear Issac,
    I too have fond but bittersweet memories of sitting in that very same spot over twenty-five years ago. I was having brunch with my dearest friend Eric Jacobs before I was to drop him off at St. Vincents to undergo radiation treatments for throat cancer (and he never smoked) He is long gone now and I think of him every time I pass that window.
    Kindest regards,
    Donna Zelle

  10. Laura Campbell-Lui

    My brother, Billy, and his former roommate, Leon, eat there regularly on Tuesday afternoons. They never told me that you had a table there!!! Rachel Maddow never said it either!!!

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